Friday, 14 March 2014

Chinese Chocolate Cake Recipe

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Here is the recipe for Ming Ming's chocolate cake,
as requested by Susan
 My Mother's Apron Strings.

I thought I would post it exactly as I received it...



...but perhaps not.
Here is the translation,
 with step-by-step photographs,
sent with love,
by Ming Ming.

Ingredients for the cake:

2 eggs (120g)
50g plain flour
60g sugar powder (?icing sugar)
10g butter
10g cocoa powder

Pre heat the oven to 160C

Whisk together the eggs and the icing sugar
until light and fluffy.
Melt the butter.

Really whisk the eggs and sugar!

fold in the flour and cocoa powder

add the melted butter

pour into greased loose bottom baking tin
and bake at 160 degrees C,
for approx 15 minutes

Allow the cake to cool.
slice in three horizontally

Gather together the ingredients for the filling and topping...

200g whipping cream
100g dark chocolate (sweet)
5g cocoa powder + 5g for sieving over the top

Whisk the cream until stiff,  add the melted chocolate and 5g of the cocoa powder.

Mix thoroughly.

Then sandwich the cake together,
reserving some of the frosting for the top.

Sieve the remaining cocoa powder over the top...
eat and enjoy!

Thanks Ming Ming.

Just a thought, Jonny,
do you still have a 32" waist?


  1. Mmmmm...looks so good! That was so nice of Ming Ming to share the recipe. Hope she and your son are happy and doing well. Blessings to your whole family!

  2. This could tempt me to eat eggs and dairy!
    Thankyou to both you and Ming Ming for sharing such a wonderful looking cake!

  3. You did not mention this cake might be illegal. Holy moly, my mouth would like that. Ming Ming, confectioner extraordinaire!

  4. LOVE this... it may make an appearance in Belleau Kitchen!

  5. Loved reading this post ... translated with photos ... Ming Ming, you have done such a wonderful job of this cake!

  6. Even for a committed non-sugar eater, that does look very good!

  7. Thank you, thank you!! I will definitely be making this--maybe for Easter!

  8. Oh that looks good! Maybe I'll make it for my friends at Easter.

  9. I think I'll just try and follow Ming Ming's original recipe. It couldn't end up any worse than it would if I followed the English translation!

    Wonderful photos!


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