Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Long and Winding Road

I could do a post about the long and winding road which led us to our door, 
but I won't.
Instead,  I'll show it to you.

This was our village way back in the 1970's.
Forgive the poor quality
we had to take a photograph of the canvas copy which hangs in the village hall.
It's not ideal, but I have enhanced it a little,
to show the details.

Way back then cows grazed in what was yet to become The Owl Wood
and our home was still an unconverted cow and cart shed
next to
 the old farm house.

So much has changed 
so much has remained the same.
I find it fascinating
in much the same way that maps appeal to me.

*   *   *


  1. We have a photograph (aerial view) of the village where we used to live...and you can see our house! I wonder what the area looks like now?
    Jane x

  2. Just been catching up with your blog posts. Beautiful pictures of your grandchildren - they're having a wonderful time in The Owl Wood. Love the gorgeous pottery in your following blog. I'm glad you're using those lovely dishes - far too nice too just store away in a cupboard. It's good to keep old maps. The village where we live has become so built up you wouldn't recognise it if you'd not been there for even the last ten years. I hardly know anyone in the village now except the few people we grew up with.

  3. I love winding roads. Sometimes they follow the terrain, sometimes a creek. Or, to quote my mother, it's just the way the cows came home.

  4. I love overhead shots of farm land and for this to be your own home land is that much more wonderful

  5. No sign of the Romans having passed by; their long straight roads are characterless.

  6. Great post. I could get lost in exploring maps (old and new).

  7. Hello, again, Elaine. I have been weaving towels and would like to send you a couple. My email is in "About Me" on the blog; will you contact me with your address. Thanks.

  8. Thanks, everyone! That old photograph still gets my attention every time I see it. Cro, the Romans were definitely in the area, in fact there are the remains of an old 'bowling ground', or the Roman equivalent, just a couple of miles away - cows graze there now.


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