Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Who Lives in a House Like This?

It has been a difficult day.
George is unwell, and when he is unwell
he gets grumpy,
very grumpy.
He makes a very difficult patient.

The aged aunt was in a complete muddle today.
Her legs are in a terrible state
and so was her mind.
Order has been restored, 
those things which can be fixed, were
extra care has been bought in...
it doesn't come cheap!

To top it all, poor Bennie (cat)
has been frightened out of her wits
and heavily splattered with some dark brown substance.
We've cleaned her up (to a point)
and checked her out,
she seems physically okay
but is very distressed.
Right now she is hiding at the back of one of the dressing room cupboards.
I'll let her calm down for a while.

I'm escaping into my fantasy world.

The real fairy door tree in Owl Wood is always ajar
just like this one.
All of these animals have visited
at one time or another.

This page is finished
and I must move on to painting the next one.
My eyesight is not what it once was,
even with specs,
but this does kind of portray how I feel about Owl Wood.

Fairies and fawns must be left behind
as knights and fair maidens
mounted on beautiful steeds
try to outwit
 the fiery dragons.

First, however, I must check on my patients.



  1. Oh my, I feel it would be safest for you to escape into fairy land as I am picturing grumpy George as a fire breathing dragon. Perhaps if you sneak up on him with a cool pale of water and put old grumpy Georges fire out?

  2. Doc, I followed your advice...I wonder whether I should have waited until he got out of bed? Any tips on how to dry a mattress quickly?x

  3. Jerry's grandfather was named George. I wonder if being a grumpy, difficult patient is built in. Too bad you can't just paint him well. Or sprinkle some fairy dust on him (maybe that would dry the wet mattress). So glad you have your own magic to escape into. Poor Bennie.

    1. Hi Mitch, My patient is feeling a lot less grumpy today - probably due to all the hot toddy drinks he has been imbibing! Bennie is feeling a little better too - probably under the influence of all the hot toddy fumes.

  4. What a lovely fantasy world. I'd like to visit there.

    1. Hello Pauline, You would be very welcome to join me there. I was brought up on a diet of fairy stories and I think it shows!

  5. Oh, poor Bennie (oh, and George of course *wink*),I wonder what she got herself into? Something from a local farm perhaps..or did someone throw something at her? Some peace and quiet should do the trick... my cats insist she gets extra treats.
    Jane x

    1. Hi Jane, Bennie is having a quiet day. At first I thought she had been splattered by a muck-spreader, but she didn't smell enough for than, then I wondered whether she had perhaps been splashed with render by the workman next door, but it wasn't the right texture for that. it remains a mystery. I got most of it off her and then she finished the job. She has a litter tray inside and is welcome to stay indoors as long as she wishes. I rather think it was the prescription for treats and catnip which pulled Bennie through. She sends her love and thanks to your cats.

  6. I am so in awe. Get well wishes to your patients. Like Jane, I wonder if something noxious was thrown at her. She'll be out soon, for you to check.

    1. Hello Joanne, Bennie spent the night on our bed - right in the middle of our bed! She woke up and ate a hearty breakfast, but won't venture outside at all. We'll let her decide when the time is right, meanwhile, she has a litter tray and Toby Too for company.

  7. Looking at your completed picture makes me realise how much I miss Pheasants. We always had them in the garden; both in Sussex and Shropshire. Here they let a few loose in Winter, then shoot them (on the ground). C'est la vie!

    1. Hi Cro, I think pheasants are beautiful birds; we have quite a few who seek refuge from the men with guns. One year we had a mama pheasant, and her dozen or so youngsters, regularly nipping into the garden for a feed. Somehow I think it will be a long while before Toby Too permits such shenanigans!

  8. I am completely enchanted by your illustrations of Owl Wood. The perfect children's book. I would swoon for a copy.

    Elaine, you do so much and do it so well. Thank you for sharing your talents and life with us.

    1. Hello SAS, Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind comments, although I am blushing from my head to my toes with embarrassment. This little journal seems to let me express more than I ever could in words - besides which, I am having such fun with it.

  9. Ditto to everything SAS said! You are so very charming and talented.

    1. Hello Ms Sparrow, Thank you, I am truly grateful for your kind words. It is very scary putting my journal on here because it is such a personal thing - but it is how I am spending every spare minute of my time right now....sorry, there was a long delay there, I saw a bird coming out of the owl box. It was definitely not an owl, but it looks as though something is nesting in there. I must have a look for my binoculars! I'll keep you posted.

  10. oh what a wonderful fairy world

    1. Hello Linda, Owl Wood really is a magical little place. Right now the pathways are strewn with tiny golden flowers - aconites, I believe. It is difficult not to imagine fairies and wonderful things when all the pathways are rich and golden.


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