Thursday, 21 August 2014

Wuhan to Lindisfarne

This post is mainly for Ming Ming and Jonny's friends back in Shanghai.
Their official marriage ceremony took place 
on 14th February this year,
in Wuhan, China.
the first night of their honeymoon was spent at a castle, in Wales.
Alas, I haven't been given an exterior shot of the place,
but this is part of the vast bedroom suite.

I'm not quite sure that Ming Ming
was entirely comfortable under the gaze of those family portraits!

From here they moved on to Jonathan's favourite place,
The Lake District.

Ming Ming soon found out that good walking boots are a must.

No wonder this place attracts so many visitors.

After a couple of days spent soaking up the beauty of the place

they took a drive up to Scotland,
heading to the beautiful island of Lindisfarne,
also known as Holy Island.

A beautiful, mystical, place,
 a tidal island, accessible by a causeway
only at low tide.
It is a 'tombolo'
 part-time island.

The castle was built from stone
recycled from
the priory which was founded before the end of 634.

You can see the priory ruins to the left of the next photograph...
the castle is on the far right
between them
lie the village
 the harbour.

Better keep an eye on that handbag, Ming Ming,
Frankie will have it off you if she sees it's PINK
Francesca really loves pink. 

George and I stayed on Lindisfarne
more than 40 years ago.
It hasn't changed very much,
thank goodness.

George's parents also stayed on Lindisfarne,
on their honeymoon,
way back in the days before electricity
made it onto the island.

Just seeing these photographs has made me want to visit the island again.
I want to enjoy those views
feel the clean, cold, air.

This is a very early morning shot,
sunrise on Lindisfarne.

This photograph shows the other side of the castle,
the domestic side.

More of that later.


  1. Honeymoon in a castle, how wonderful, I love the quiet and solitude oozing from the photos, what a place to be.

    1. Linda, you would find those areas so inspirational, each one beautiful, but in a different way. Just across the bay from Lindisfarne Castle there is yet another castle, Bamburgh, much larger and just as spectacular; to the east lie the Farne Islands, steeped in history and rich in bird life and seals. Your notebooks would soon fill up!

  2. The pictures are fabulous. Did Jonny take back his camera?

    1. Well remembered Joanne! No, he thought about taking one of the cameras which he had left for me, but I think he found them cumbersome in comparison to the very compact one he now uses. Phew! They had a wonderful holiday and certainly fitted a lot into their week away. They got back to Shanghai just a couple of hours ago, no doubt it all seems a distant memory by now.

  3. Beautiful location for a honeymoon. Beautiful photos. And now nice that there is family history tied to the island.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing them, Pauline. Entirely coincidentally, our daughter, husband and children were due to visit Lindisfarne just a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately her husband came down with a nasty attack of shingles, so the trip was cut short. Young Harry is mad about castles so it is a pleasure deferred, he'll get there in the end.

  4. It all looks so beautiful. I've never been to Lindisfarne, come to think of it, I've never stayed in a castle either. What a wonderful experience for both of them.

    1. Hello Molly, I'm sure you would enjoy exploring the island, it is place of history and romance; a feast for the eyes and plenty to think about - all aided by a glass of Lindisfarne Mead. I have a feeling that a future holiday will feature Jonathan's second favourite place, Snowdonia. Ming Ming had better get the footwear and walking gear sorted out before that one!

  5. I would have repeated exactly what Molly has said above, so I won't. Lovely.

    1. Hello Cro, They really did have a wonderful time and filled their camera discs and memory banks with some lovely images. I stayed in a small castle, many years ago. It looked wonderful, and it was a great experience, but I wouldn't want to live in one - especially if it had to be opened to the public.

    2. I presume the photos are your sons. He has a wonderful eye, and a superb sense of composition. Fabulous photos.

  6. What beautiful photos of Ming Ming. She must find UK very very different from China.
    A wonderful place to spend their honeymoon, in a castle. The bedroom looks stunning.
    Lindisfarne looks so peaceful.
    So pleased for you Elaine, that Johnothan and Mink Ming had a wonderful time.
    Happy weekend.
    val xxx ...........Thank you Elaine for leaving your kind comment on my blog.


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