Owl Wood Journal

This journal is for my grandchildren. 
I hope it will remind them of the happy times we spend in Owl Wood.

...Words by Grandpa, when he gets around to it, paintings by Gran.  
Love from both of us.

I began by making the cover from remnants of tweedy fabrics.

Then I made a map of the Owl Wood.   
I probably wouldn't have even started on the map had it not been for Cro, who writes the magnonsmeanderings.blogspot.co.uk he posted a map of his place and that got me thinking about how I could put things down on paper.

My next project was to map out the gardens - can you tell how much fun I had?

Then I decided to go for a purely self-indulgent page.  It expresses my feelings about our little patch of woodland and all the creatures which visit - I had so much enjoyment painting this one.

Adventures begin somewhere - usually when we venture into the Owl Wood.

Harry loves playing at being a knight, fighting dragons...my dragon is a friendly chap.