Monday, 25 August 2014

Gwynneth Rixon's Useful Art

Berry bowls!

This post is written for Cro and Linda
who wanted to learn a little about the 'egg bowl'
shown in a previous post

I have two of these rather lovely berry bowls.

Who could not love that beautiful edging,
so reminiscent of an exquisite Elizabethan ruff,
the speckledy glaze, 
or the random holes punched
through to allow water and juice to drain?

Each is a thing of beauty,
but it is also practical.
A great combination.
Gwynneth, artist and potter,  calls them Useful Art.

Turn one over and you find
that the attention to detail is all there.
The underside is as beautiful as the top.

Here is the other one,
beautiful speckled browns and reds,
just as carefully finished.

Each and every time I fill them 

or plums

or berries
I can't help but delight in them.
They feel right and they look right.

I use them carefully, but I use them constantly.
No point letting something sit on a shelf to gather dust and admiration
when I can use it and enjoy it.

The woman who made them is Gwynneth Rixon,
a potter and artist of great talent.
If you click on the link it will take you to her blog,
from there you can find a link to her etsy shop 
 this one is to Gwynneth's website address.
Browse that catalogue and drool!


  1. I like the rims and texture on these.

  2. I love utilitarian art. Our bowl cupboard contains only pottery, for mixing, draining and serving. Not on purpose, but because each spoke to us over the years and came to live in the kitchen. We even sent mother to heaven with her pottery tea mug in her hand.

  3. I'm drooling plenty Elaine ....lovely lovely pottery...yes I've been over to Gwynneth's webpage and there are so many things I would love. I have my eye on the mugs and the salt pot tch!!! However I'll have to wait until I get back home for a visit. The thing is its my sister's birthday at the beginning of September and she loves pottery just as much as me. Did you buy your colanders online? I'm thinking of ordering one of those or the coffee pot ...she'll love that!!!
    keep well

    Amanda xx

  4. Woops; I'd thought the base was broken, hence my comment. I have several draining bowls, but not as nice as yours.

  5. These draining bowls are just so beautiful Elaine.
    so very useful.. also ideal for a table setting.
    val x

  6. Many thanks for your comments and descriptions...good incentive to carry on!


Your comments are much appreciated and greatly enjoyed. x