Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Woven in Ohio!

The postman left an envelope in our box today.
It was large and squishy;
inside were two woven tea/dish towels
and a little woven purse.

Joanne from Cup on the Bus wove them
they are incredibly soft and very beautiful.

If you have not read Joanne's blog yet then you are missing a treat.

A word of warning though, don't think this is a blog you can skim through,
you'll miss a lot if you do that.

My advice is to settle down with a cup of tea/coffee
take your time,
 Joanne really knows how to spin a good yarn
(sorry, I couldn't resist that one)
of course I meant to say that she really knows how to tell a story.

Beautiful colours, wonderful textures.

The little purse is something to inspire me.
It was woven on a cardboard loom - and that is something
which I am planning to have a go at next.

Thank you, Joanne, they are really lovely.

Also enclosed was a notelet - isn't it a brilliant way to make use of  small buttons?
It was made by Joanne's granddaughter, Laura.
Thanks, Laura! 

I hope you won't mind if I send one of the towels
 over to Shanghai
Ming Ming and Jonathan.
They have just moved into a larger apartment
which has a proper kitchen
so Ming Ming is having a great time making use of it.
I'll get her to photograph Jonathan
using the dish towel...


  1. Elaine, you are very welcome. And, I shall send you two more for Ming Ming. In the post on Monday. They will be natural colored; then you can decide which to keep.

  2. Joanne is a talented lady in many ways!
    Jane x

  3. Oh what beautiful dish towels and I was just mentioning I wanted to see Laura's art and I come here and what a treat.

  4. So beautiful, they make me want to reach out and touch them. I love the fact that the towel has already traveled from North America to the UK and is now headed to Asia.

  5. What a lovely surprise! I'm so glad you blogged about it!

  6. Surprises are always appreciated! This gifts are amazing, XOXO


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