Monday, 18 August 2014

Teaching Grandpa!

Harry, now aged 6 years,  has always enjoyed harvest time.
He and Grandpa spend hours watching
the activity in
 'our' barley field.

Harry has a great imagination (so does Grandpa) so the big yellow machines
are turned into enormous dragons
which turn barley into gold.
The stories are embroidered until they became
almost as large as the machines.
Grandpa loves to tell the tales
as much as Harry loves to hear and embellish them.

(old photograph from last year and old blog - but it does show a little of her character)

One afternoon, a week or so ago, 
'our' field was being harvested.
Grandpa spied Francesca
and began to spin her a tale about the big yellow dragon in the field...

Francesca (two and a half years old)  listened, then very firmly said
"It's a combine, Grandpa".
George (65)  felt well and truly told.

I am gradually working through my reading list, catching up with your blogs.
I have missed so much in these last few months,
time stands still for no one.

Jonny and Ming Ming are now in London for a couple of days
spending time with our son Tim and his wife
before flying back to China.
I miss them already.

They were kind enough to let me have some of the photographs
of the beautiful places they visited on their honeymoon.
For the sake of their friends back in China
I'll post some of them tomorrow,
time permitting.

This is a large sheet of canvas
the pink blossom is a finger-print from most of the guests
who attended the reception.
I thought it was a lovely idea.


  1. Your Francesca reminds me of my daughter when she was a preschooler.

  2. The tree is fabulous. Hooray for Francesca; a realist.

  3. Two days ago I took my two grandsons to watch the huge combine. I explained that there were several small people inside who separated all the wheat from the chaff, then threw it out of the back. Did they believe me? Not on your nelly!

  4. Wonderful pictures of your grandchildren. Love the finger print tree, what a brilliant idea.


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