Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wild Garlic in the Quiche and Posset in my Pocket

Jonny, Ming Ming, here is a quick round-up of the last week.

The scaffolding has gone up and work
is slowly progressing on the house next door.
It is all looking very different now.

Young Archie and his parents
have been staying with us over the last week.
It was wonderful.

He is as good as he is beautiful;
just 8 weeks old
and he sleeps through the night.

You three darlings were practically school-age before you began to do that.

So like his daddy.

Lots of cooking was involved
but I kept meals simple.

Like this quiche which was made with cheese and home-grown wild garlic
served with salad,
 new potatoes and home-made bread.

I also made a huge rhubarb crumble
 with gallons of custard.

As you know, that's about as good as it gets these days!

Oh, okay then,
 because Isis and Tim are meat-eaters
I also cooked Redhill Farm Lincolnshire sausages,
 turkey and ham pie
and made a meaty stir-fry

Somehow I don't think they would have been
happy with our spinach soup
or chickpea curry,
lentil dahl
and so on.
Roast peacock is more their style!

One sunny day we visited the watermill
and had lunch
walked it off in the grounds.

Scarlet,  I hope you will forgive me for posting a photograph of bridges,
hopefully you won't find these too scary!

Spring flowers are everywhere.
Snowdrops and daffodils are giving way to primroses, violets and forget-me-nots.
Hedgerows are turning a wonderful green
and the trees are starting to show their blossom.
It is magical.

Ming Ming, you must come home in the spring,
I know that you would love it all.

Farewells are always difficult
and it was particularly hard saying goodbye to Archie.
 we let his parents
strap him into the baby seat
and we waved them off
with a tear in our eye.

George then discovered he'd
been given a curdled-milk gift
"Eeeuuw, there's posset in my (shirt) pocket".
Great aim, Archie.


  1. Elaine, you take beautiful pictures! The scenery is breathtaking, the food you cooked is making my mouth water.... but I have to say that the best picture is that adorable 8 month old little munchkin! I love his dark hair and his nice big eyes. He is such a cutie-pie! I remember when our two babies were that little. They grow so fast, don't they?! :)

  2. Posset in my pocket? Was that you ,Elaine...remembering your school pinafore pockets?
    Jane x

  3. Hi Dawn, The years really do fly past. We dug out lots of old family photographs during their visit and had a wonderful trip down memory was a long lane as our offspring are now hurtling towards their late thirties. The good news is that retirement age is pretty good fun too. ;)

    Jane, you have the most amazing memory - or perhaps I was too graphic about those school aprons! Young Archie has a really great aim for just 8 weeks!

  4. heavenly quiche... need to go scrumping for wild garlic!

    1. Many thanks to you and Andy for letting me know where to find it. It is a wonderful additon to the Owl Wood. xx

  5. Three bridges over that short stretch of water. A lot of stones!

    1. Hello Joanne, I must do a post about that little stretch of water, it is a fascinating area.

  6. Not too scary Elaine - I was concentrating on the shape of the branches!
    What a beautiful photograph of Tim and Archie. I'm so pleased that all are sleeping well!
    The quiche looks delicious.

    1. Hello Scarlet, Tim was sporting his 'paternity-leave whiskers' he has been so fortunate to have spent the first few weeks at home with Archie and Isis. That little baby scarcely made a murmur during the nights - very different from my babies!

  7. Gosh, there's a lot in there. That bridge, river, duck, picture is glorious; it reminds me why I've always wanted a house with a river. My quiches usually taste OK, but yours looks so good too; I must be doing something wrong. Our new grandchild (no sex as yet) arrives in about 3 weeks; Lady Magnon flies to Oz on the 9th to give a helping hand (meddle).

    1. Hello Cro, How exciting! I'm sure Lady M will be a wonderful help. As I mentioned to Joanne, I must do a post about that little stretch of river, there really is a lot happening there. All good wishes to the expectant parents.
      p.s. Thank you so much for inspiring me to finally knuckle down and draw the maps. i really enjoyed doing them, once I got past the first hurdles.

  8. Your quiche looks yummi! Best to prepare meals that one hasn't to fuss about (meaning: work, but one can do it in advance).
    The baby looks so cute!

    1. Hello Britgitta, You are absolutely right! I used to put a lot of effort and planning into feeding everyone, these days I much prefer to keep it simple. He really is a cute as a button.

  9. Such a lovely post, my dear friend. Archer is a just as beautiful as you described him! Wonderful photo of Tim and son...

    1. Hello Meggie, He is a sweet little boy and Tim is very much a hands-on daddy. He saved a lot of his holidays so that he could spent this special time with Isis and the little one. Tim's hair used to be exactly like little Archie's.

  10. I suppose that's better than posset in the quiche. But Archie is so adorable, I wouldn't even complain about a pocketful of posset.

    1. Hello MItch, He is a sweetie, but I am biased! I loved that photograph of you and San Geraldo. x

  11. Oh, what a bonnie wee lad! Wee Archie looks exactly like his father - the resemblance is astounding... Love the bridge - oh my word, it's magical.

    1. He really is like his daddy - the old family photographs of Tim at the same age really do prove it. This little man was a full pound heavier though and he is very long. Tim measures 6'3", so goodness knows what height young Archie will grow to.

  12. The quiche looks lovely and the photos are just so amazing--Spring is definitely in bloom in your area. I'm patiently awaiting rhubarb to make a bar cookie I've had in my head. With our temperatures in the 80s this week, maybe soon, XOXO

    1. Hello Susan, Wow, our rhubarb is growing like crazy here, I wish I could share it with you. I'll look forward to the recipe and will definitely try it out. Enjoy that Spring weather! xx

  13. Yesterday I foraged for some wild garlic. I am hoping to make quiche too :) Spring is def. springing!


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