Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Milk-White Steed

One slightly misty, moisty morning we spotted
 a unicorn.

image borrowed from

As soon as he saw us he trotted off,
 disappeared into the mist.
I recall posting about it on my old blog
Pear Tree Log
but for some reason I'm unable to find the post.

Ever since that day we have kept a sharp look out for him
for he lives only five minutes drive from here,
not far from where my header
photograph was taken.

We have caught brief glimpses of him on several occasions.
Unfortunately, as soon as I reach for my camera
he turns tail and disappears
at a rate of knots.

Yesterday we saw him quite clearly.
He lifted his head and stared at us
for a long moment
then continued to graze,
 quite unconcerned.

I'm fairly sure he smirked
I had forgotten my camera.



  1. You need to be stealthier, and have a magic camera eye.

  2. I used to have a small herd of Unicorns, but it was a devil to find them!

  3. So frustrating! Why is it we never have our cameras when we see things wonders!?!

  4. Your unicorn lives in a very beautiful spot. Jx


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