Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A Knight for Saint George's Day

What better way to celebrate St George's Day than with
a knight, a princess, and a dragon.
Another page of the Owl Wood Journal.

Owl Wood is particularly beautiful right now
with bluebells coming into bloom,
the wild garlic is about to flower.

Soon parts of the woodland will have that wonderful blue haze,
as the bluebell flowers open fully,
while others will have a misty white haze
a particularly pungent smell of garlic
as these white flowers come into bloom...
Wild garlic.

Pathways are strewn with beautiful golden aconites
and the whole place is filled with
light and life,

The hens miss nothing,
for they know the woodland
as well as

the fairies.
It is difficult to tell from this photograph,
but the fairy door is ajar.

Happy Saint George's Day.


  1. Maybe England should abandon Easter Monday, and adopt St George's Day as a public holiday instead.

  2. My husband George is often referred to as a saint. I suppose that makes me the dragon.

    1. Aaagh, such bad grammar...according to some that means I should be deleted! Tough.

  3. Let's split infinitives and wield some inappropriate apostrophes too...why not? It's also Shakespeare's birthday!
    Jane x

  4. No wonder it's so easy for you to create your magical illustrations and stories. It's all taken from real life.


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