Thursday, 17 April 2014

Answers on a Postcard

This is the sight which greeted George
when he went 
to open the polytunnel doors
the other morning.

Funnily enough, he didn't notice the gaping hole
until after he'd opened the first door.

Our imaginations ran riot as we tried to think
what could possibly have happened,
surely too much damage
to have been caused by a cat
but could it have been done by a fox?
Any suggestions?

The penny dropped when we were inspecting the damage,
and were joined by Toby Too.
His guilty face, 
plus the incriminating high-level claw marks
(Toby is a bit of a demon for standing on his back legs to open doors)
added to the fact that George then remembered that TT
had followed him into the polytunnel
the previous evening,
but he forgot to check that he had  gone back out
before he locked up.

Toby couldn't have been in there for much more than ten minutes
because he was back in the kitchen at supper time.

Luckily, TT had gone through one small panel
which was easily repaired.
So don't worry, Jonny!

In his defence,
that was the day when George was feeling ill.

If only he had listened to nurse,
and taken the medicine,
I'm fairly sure this wouldn't have happened.


  1. Nothing comes between a dog and his dinner!
    Jane x

  2. Haha, nursie. Glad the damage was small; I remember all the hard work of putting it together.

  3. It makes one wonder if he might have been locked up in his previous life. He certainly managed to claw his way out in a hurry! I'm glad it wasn't serious damage.

  4. Just when you think everything is perfect; a cat comes along!


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