Monday, 14 April 2014

Chinese Puddings

Ming Ming and her fellow students were set the task of cooking a banquet.

Doesn't it all look splendid?
Those finishing touches really do add something special
and show off their knife skills.

Ming Ming's task was to make the puddings...
which is great, because I would quite happily
skip the main course of any meal 
and move on to the pudding.

Chocolate, always a winner - and they look so beautiful.

Tempting morsels...

...and it looks as though someone was tempted by
this cheesecake as one of the garnishes is missing...

and then there is this platter of what looks like
wine-poached pears.

Just looking at all those tempting puds
reminds me of how
we sometimes used to host a 
'Puddings Evening'.
No starters or mains,
just lots and lots of puddings.
Definitely not something to be indulged in too often!

Great work Ming Ming.
Keep those photographs coming.

*   *   *


  1. Good work, Ming Ming; please keep the pictures coming.

  2. Hmmm. You can have my pud', if I can have your steak.


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