Saturday, 15 March 2014

Feathered Friends and Frolicking Frogs

The weather has been sunny and relatively mild
much of our time has been spent outdoors,
weeding, digging, etc.

The purple sprouting broccoli and the rhubarb are both doing really well;
 we have taken full advantage of these seasonal treats.

You know where this clump grows, Jonny!
It always does really well down there.

The watermill has re-opened for the new season.
Pay once for admission,
 and then get in free
for the rest of the year.

The animals, wildfowl, children's playground,
excellent home-made cakes
and freshly ground coffee
are all part of the attraction.

Harry and Frankie love playing in the Enchanted Wood
but they also love the wildfowl gardens
and the toasted teacakes with lashings of butter.

 Frankie is smitten with the feathered critters,
especially the hens.
Harry adores the marmosets and the otters.

*   *   *

 I took Frankie to see Arnold.
He was very happy to see her again,
but she seemed overawed at the sheer size of him,
or maybe she was just tired.

I had a chat with John.
He is finally free from the neck brace 
and feeling much better,
especially now that he has his new set of wheels.

He loves his new car
 - just a thought,
I wonder how many other 97 year old's have ever had that pleasure?

He confessed that the new car has a slightly bigger engine.

Now I know the identity of the boy racer who has been heard zooming up the lane...

*   *   *

Talking of noise,
I set off to photograph some new lambs,
which I could hear bleating, 
but got side-tracked by some very noisy
critters inhabiting nothing more than a large puddle in the paddock across the road.

The air was filled with a strange noise

as I approached the puddle the noise diminished,
so I stood stock still and waited...

first one head popped up
then a whole lot of others

suddenly there were several hundred frogs happily frolicking
in the water,  
making that curious noise
and ....
lots of frog spawn.

*   *   *

Spring is in the air.



  1. Thanks for the tour round. Your little girl is quite big; tempus fugit. I so wish spring were even in the air. Possibly the week after this, although it's supposed to begin next Thursday.

  2. Your post made me smile from ear to ear! :) Such lovely pictures- and extremely adorable children!

  3. Our PSB is almost over, but the forced Rhubarb is looking wonderful. First Crumble today.

  4. Lovely post elaine.
    I like your new header and name of your new blog.
    What a sight to see all those frogs.
    It sounds as though you had a very happy day.
    I think Frankie was maybe a little tired and also wondering - what do horses do! she looks so sweet elaine.
    happy week to you.
    val xxx

  5. Oh my goodness - those frogs made me giggle! We are very excited to hear the sounds of thousands of frogs singing in the pasture and fields around us - they herald the start of Spring! Soon :)

  6. Such lovely signs of Spring, thanks for sharing with us. Do not feel under pressure to post, just go with the flow it should be a pleasure and not a chore. :)

  7. I hope I am hot rodding at 97 and have a new car .lol
    Looks like Spring has found you ~ we are waiting ( I would say patiently ~ but I have run out of patience with today being in the 20's ) sheesh.

  8. Dear Elaine,
    I found your blog by chance, and instantly liked your beautiful photos, especially the little violets. Spring is coming - such a treat!


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