Friday, 20 June 2014

A Postcard from Shanghai and Notes from Home

Most of this is for Jonny and Ming Ming...snippets of family news and garden views.

The postcards arrived this afternoon, Ming Ming.
Both are wonderful, a lovely surprise - thank you very much.
This one is Davina's - isn't it absolutely beautiful?
Mine is a wonderful tiger, believed to be capable of warding off bad evils and ensuring safety and health.

The honeysuckle hedge is fabulous right now, I wish you could smell that heavenly scent.
Each year I have to do battle with two gardeners,
they would love to get rid of it,
I fight like a tiger to keep it!

The potato vine which I planted last year is looking very beautiful, 
simple white flowers which sparkle like little stars.

The vegetable and fruit gardens are doing really well,
I'll show you some photographs next time.
There should be plenty of vegetables for you to choose from
when you come home, Ming Ming.

Meanwhile ...

Sparky and Toby Too have become firm friends
and regularly snuggle up together.

Bennie prefers to sleep alone,
here she is on my work table after a night on the tiles.

This next photograph will interest you, Jonny.

The new bit of wall and the gate have been completed.
TT is a little perplexed - he used to chase his ball along that part of the garden.
We put the latch on this side, thinking that it would be difficult for Francesca
to open it.. Ha!   She simply climbs on the lower support
 reaches over, unlatches it and swings in.
So much for privacy!

I have finished painting the bureau and a couple of small cupboards,
my next project is to redecorate the bathroom,
I just need to find the time and energy.

As we mentioned, your Auntie Nick is not at all well.
I went against her wishes today
and had the doctor pay her a home visit.
She should be in hospital, but refuses to go.
The best I can do is arrange some extra home care.
It seems inadequate.
End of life care is a disgrace.
Every time the telephone rings I brace myself for bad news.

Speak to you tomorrow.


  1. I love the ingenuity of little folks. My brother once locked the back door to keep his boys corralled while he did some work. The little devils merely used a kitchen knife to unscrew all the handle mechanism.

  2. Hi Joanne, I'll be keeping that story away from Frankie when she is older, she's a big enough mischief as it is at almost two-and-a-half years of age. Harry was so good and obedient - Frankie has been a real wake-up call for her parents.

  3. I love hearing from your part of the world and what you're up to. I also received a wonderful gift from Ming Ming and will treasure it always; I love peonies and the fan is exquisite. I know you must be looking forward to their visit. Please give the newlyweds my love, XOXO

  4. Even I'm getting excited by Jonny and Ming Ming's homecoming and wedding jollifications; heaven only knows what excitement is pulsing through your veins Elaine?

    Happy, happy days.


  5. Sorry to hear about Auntie Nick :(

    Loved the garden pictures! The honeysuckle hedge? DIVINE. I'd fight tooth and nail to keep it, too.


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