Monday, 25 May 2015

Signs of the Times

In the last few months our small village has acquired several new signs.
Two decorative name signs,
one at either end of the village.
They are immense and impressive.
Brick and cobble bases, surrounding a very chunky post,
which is topped with decorative wrought iron work.

This is farming land, so agriculture is represented
by the horse and plough.
The train is there because we used to have our own railway station,
just down the road, until it was closed, thanks to Dr Beeching.
The other horse and man is a reminder that until very recently
we had a working village smithy.

The second sign is a cautionary one 
stating that the road under the old railway bridge
is liable to flooding.
Of course it warns you about this at exactly the spot which floods,
no advance warning!

The third was brought about after a long campaign by George.
He succeeded in getting the 30mph stretch altered to include the lane
outside our property.
The parish council had tried and failed.
George persisted.
It took a lot of patience
but we got there in the end 
 and most people comply.

Harry has been taking his driving test this weekend.
His little electric car has a top speed of 5mph 
Grandpa insisted on a written test,
a sight test
and a practical test...
much to Harry's delight,
before he was allowed to drive it around the Owl Wood.

He passed with flying colours
and even had a short drive around the little woodland.

The two younger cousins were both thrilled to have the opportunity to sit in the car.

Ming Ming, I'll email you some more photographs.


  1. I am smiling, thinking of a grown up Harry explaining to a small son, "It's the very same test Grandpa gave to me. You must pas to drive about Owl Wood!"

    1. Joanne, he was so thrilled about the driving test. I believe he felt it was almost as exciting as the actual driving. Now he has a licence and a key fob - any problems with his driving and he may well incur penalty points, or have the keys removed for a short time. Safety first!

  2. Oh my god;I must have one. Where do I buy one? (I'm talking about the car).

    1. I bought it for him, quite a few years ago - up until now it has been human-powered as we pushed him around. It was an auction buy, built by a grandfather and no longer wanted. It came with all the plans (originally drawn up for the Rocking Horse Company) and design notes; you are welcome to have a copy if you would like to make one for your grandchildren.

    2. Incapable. I have no technical knowledge at all. I was hoping it was an exclusive 'off the shelf' car. I have seen a scaled-down Vespa with an electric engine... I may buy that for the boys.


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