Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Talking Boots

A couple of months ago I developed a stress fracture in my foot
and was completely unable to do more than hobble a short distance.

As you can imagine, after a couple of months 
I was getting pretty desperate and wondered whether I would
ever get back onto the lanes and tracks which I love so much.

Then I remembered these old boots.

I wondered whether I could support my still painful foot with the boot
and perhaps
get out and about a short way
without causing more damage.

I gave it a try.
The boot were comfortable, supportive, reassuring.
The first few walks were short, scary, and a little painful,
but so exhilarating!  

Now I am almost back to normal
the pace is a little slower to accommodate the damaged foot,
but each walk is a cause for celebration.

My boots led me past the watermill and through the lanes to Belleau
(fields are off limits at the moment)
as I walked through the farmyard I could see some sheep had
been penned up and were about to be sheared.
They looked very hot and a bit stressed
so I didn't stop to photograph them
but continued on my way.

The reason they were hot is admirably demonstrated by this big girl.

Ming Ming, I know how much you love the sight of these flowers growing wild and free
so specially for you...

I called in for Arnold, met Old John, and had a chat.
He is busy with his bee keeping
and has just taken delivery of a new honey extractor.
He is, perhaps, a little frailer
feeling the heat a bit more,
but what a man!
Ninety-eight and still going strong and showing an interest in so many things.

Arnold was nowhere to be seen.
I checked his paddock,
the stable - no sign of him.

Finally I noticed a slight movement in the small barn
across from his stable.

He was taking shelter from those pesky flies which make life so difficult in the warm weather.
He wouldn't budge,
so I went to him
and got the loveliest surprise
as a big and beautiful Barn Owl flew past me and out the other door.

Arnold enjoyed his treats and a bit of a fuss,
then I went to chat with John again and tell him about the owl.
He was every bit as excited as I was
and hadn't realised that it was 
living in the little barn.

A red letter day.

The reason I called this post 'Talking Boots' is because
no matter how well they are polished with dubbin 
these boots creak and seem to keep up
a running commentary.


  1. My father loved those poppies and we have a stand of them in the garden, that came from the old house. Reddish orange, with a beautiful black center, and just about to bloom.

  2. That really is a beautiful picture of Arnold; I can almost see what he was thinking. Lots of Poppies here.... fields of them.

  3. It's great to see you blogging again. I have really enjoyed reading your recent posts. Jx


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