Thursday, 28 May 2015

A Gate Post

Gates in
Gates out

Harvest gates,
Dog gates,
Hen gates,
Child containment gates
(who are we kidding?)

Gates used rarely,
locked and bolted,
Busy gates

One of my favourite gates is the one near the bird bath (second collage)
 we use it after the barley has been harvested
 the enormous barley field becomes our playground
Harry uses his metal detector, hoping for treasure
while I walk the dog
play ball with him.

The holiday air lasts
 Farmer T the younger comes along
 with the plough.
Then the gate gets locked for another year.


  1. I picked the barley field gate as my favorite as I scrolled by because the vegetation has closed in on it. It looked charmingly unkempt.

  2. Joanne, that is probably my favourite part of the gardens. I allow the cow parsley to invade and soften the edges; it used to drive George crazy - luckily, he has mellowed. :)

  3. gate post...I like it!
    Lovely well made wooden gates


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