Thursday, 8 May 2014

Invitation from Shanghai

The wedding party invitations have arrived
from Shanghai.

They were sent airmail,
but took so long to arrive that we began
to think they were on a
slow boat from

Ming Ming and Jonathan chose them very carefully,
there is a lot of symbolism
beautiful detailing,
even wax and a special seal for the envelopes.

The happy couple were married on February 14th this year,
in Ming Ming's home district.
It was a very quiet affair.
No wedding dress,
no friends or relatives
no party.

They will be coming home during the summer
so we are throwing a party
for their friends
relatives we see all too rarely
these days.

It will be an opportunity for us to 
properly welcome the lovely Ming Ming into our family.
Can't wait.



  1. The invitation is stunning, as is the bride. It will be one grand party.

  2. The invitations look wonderful - presume they are for the party you are throwing in the summer.

  3. The invitations are works of art in their own right.
    I took a Chinese brush painting course twenty plus years ago. I've forgotten the you know the symbolism of the artwork on the invitations?
    Jane x

  4. Sounds a little like someone I know; apart from the beautiful invitations.

  5. Dear Elaine,
    these invitation look so beautiful! Your son and daughter-in-love will have a great party here, I'm sure - and good luck to the couple.

  6. How mind-blowing to receive such a beautiful invitation... the party I'm sure will live up to the enchantment of receiving this magical missive.
    Curls a-go-go on the day... Gran and Miss Moppet? I can feel the frisson of excitement from here.


  7. What beautiful invitations! You must be counting the days until they come home for a family celebration of their lives together. Better get that apron sent:-D XOXO

  8. Hello Everyone, Thanks for all your wonderful comments. The invitations really are beautiful, I have been instructed to do the actual writing on them - eeek! I must dig deep and find the courage to write the first one, surely it will get easier then. Of course, first I must remember how to actually write using real writing...

    This busy life is getting even busier as I have to take over George's chores, in addition to my own, as he is having surgery in a couple of days and will then be on light duties only for a while. xx

  9. The invitations are stunning. I would be terrified to write on any of them, but then I'm not you!

    Congratulations to the happy couple!


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